Introduced by Tim Freeman, Chief Editor

There are many Christian universities and colleges in the United States that offer Masters degree in Christian Counseling. We selected several colleges and collected information from their websites on the Christian Counseling Courses they offer as part of their Masters programs. These are presented below for the benefit of missionaries, missionary trainers and institutions that plan to introduce some Christian Counseling courses in their training programs.

Mentoring and Counseling have always been part of Christian teaching throughout the ages. Word of God gives us many examples of mentoring and counseling in the words of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Apostles and others, with the anointing of the Holy Spirit, always encouraged every child of God to be a mentor and counselor and to build up the Church. Mentoring and Counseling are now required more than ever with the millions coming to Christ from non-Christian backgrounds. Missionaries, missionary trainers and lay Christians all will benefit by an understanding of what Mentoring and Counseling is all about.

Remember while psychology has its role to play in mentoring and counseling, it is the Word of God and the redeeming power of the Holy Spirit that should guide us in all these.

The materials presented here are downloaded from the websites in June-July 2008 and were re-arranged with less formatting for easy reading.

Tim Freeman
Chief Editor
GlobeServe Journal of Missions


Alliance Graduate School Apex School of Theology
Asbury Theological Seminary Bethel University
Biola University Breyer State – Alabama
Northwestern College (B.A.) Christian Leadership Univ.
Dallas Baptist Univ. Faith Evangelical Seminary
Gordon-Conwell Courses Gordon-Conwell Seminary
Houston Baptist Univ. Huntington University
Liberty Professional Counseling Liberty University Pastoral Counseling
Liberty Courses Plan Philadelphia Biblical Univ.
Philadelphia Biblical Univ. List Phoenix Seminary
Pillsbury College Regent University
South Florida Seminary Southwest Bible College
Summit Bible College Trinity Evangelical
Wayland Baptist Univ. Western Seminary
Westminster Seminary

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