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There is a growing number of local churches across Africa, Asia, Africa, and Latin America that have (re)discovered God’s heartbeat for the evangelisation of the world. All of them try different ways and methods to bring the importance of Great Commission that Jesus gave, home to their congregations.

In this book, I present methods of evangelisation that will help individuals and churches interested in the evangelisation.

The first group of three chapters deals with the Biblical mandate, History, Geographical aspects of World Missions. The second group of three chapters shows the major barriers missionaries must cross to reach the people on their mission field. Chapters 7-9 give advice and ideas for local churches to become more involved in working out the Great Commission.

Since it may take time for those who do not have the high speed Internet connection to download the entire book as a single download, the editors of GlobeServe Journal of Missions have make it possible to download the book chapter by chapter.

Please click on the appropriate links to download the chapters of this book.

Preface and the Table of Contents 

Chaper 1: Biblical Themes of World Evangelisation 

Chaper 2: The 2000 Year History of World Evangelisation 

Chaper 3: The Geographical and Ethnological Aspects of World Evangelisation 

Chaper 4: The First Barrier to World Evangelisation – Communication 

Chaper 5: The Second Barrier to World Evangelisation – Culture 

Chaper 6: The Third Barrier to World Evangelisation – Non-Christian Religions and Philosophies 

Chaper 7: People for World Missions – Senders and Sent Ones 

Chaper 8: Agencies for World Missions – Who Does What and Where? 

Chaper 9: Setting Up a World Mission Strategy in Your Church 

Chaper 10: Some Typical Third World Problems Identified and Discussed




Steef van ’t Slot

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