With an Introduction by Dan Brokke and Tim Freeman

Bethany International is called to train and send men and women to reach and disciple the lost with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Since the first students were trained in 1948, there have been nearly 3,000 graduates, and hundreds of missionaries sent.

Today Bethany graduates and missionaries from many nations serve in dozens of countries while others are pastors, businessmen and women, godly parents, and professionals serving as God leads, being His agents in their unique spheres of influence. This passion continues today.

Since becoming President of Bethany International I have had a growing vision and excitement about Bethany’s unique opportunity and capacity to mobilize, train, and send a new generation of servant leaders for missions.

We live in perhaps the most exciting and challenging generation in all of history. God is giving Bethany new opportunities for the 21st century. As part of the vision to extend Bethany’s reach, we’ve begun the process of looking at various options including starting of Graduate Programs in Bethany College of Missions.

Dan Brokke
President, Bethany International

A Note From Tim Freeman, Chief Editor, GlobeServe Journal of Missions

This collection presents a description of Masters degree in International Development in some leading colleges and universities. From a reading of this material, it is clear that International Development as an academic subject or program has not received much attention from Christian colleges and universities. On the other hand, Christian involvement in development activities is growing by leaps and bounds in recent decades. We need trained personnel covered by the Word of God to carry out the command of our Lord Jesus Christ. Our hope is that the GlobeServe Schools around the world will become a spring-board to train men and women for this important task.

The materials presented here are downloaded from the websites in June-July 2008 and were re-arranged with less formatting for easy reading. For up to date information, readers are advised to check the original websites of the colleges listed here.

Tim Freeman
Chief Editor
GlobeServe Journal of Missions

American University Heller School
Brandeis University
Bridgeport University Bush School of Government
Clark University Cornell University
Eastern University Florida State University
Gallaudet University George Washington University
Hope International IDS Fieldwork Guide
Mission Year RMIT, Australia
SOAS, London Southern California Univ.
Tulane University University of Bath
University of Pittsburgh Utrecht University
Western Michigan Western Michigan Syllabus
World Learning

Downloaded Materials Edition: June-July 2008

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